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 It's the most beautiful Olympic feminine sport. Combination of dance, ballet, acrobatics and apparatus manipulation on the carpet floor with music accompanied.

This sport is teaching  a discipline, dancing ,coordination, flexibility and acrobatic skills.

Rhythmic gymnastics  is perfect for girls !!!

They become a beautiful, gracefulness, strong (but not muscular) yang ladies, who you can see out of millions people by gait, posture and glorious body shape.  

Our Program

Houston Rhythmic Gymnastics  is the first Rhythmic Gymnastics school in West Houston.
All classes are year-round and currently held in the evenings at Church On the Rock Katy. Classes are taught by Champion and Master of Sport Valeria Mikhailova. To find about more about Miss Valeria Mikhailova, scroll down to the "About Us" part of this page. 

We have two types of groups :

Beginners and advance.

Beginners Class

It's 1 hour long for girls who just started and just getting to know program, in that group we learn basics of Rhythmic Gymnastics:balance,improve flexibility, dancing skills and slowly start working with apparatus. It's usually for girls 3-6 years old (but we can do exceptions ), and when the coach sees that child grown up enough to get into the advance group we will let you know that it's time to attend an advance group .

We currently offer classes as follows:

1x per week for beginners 


2x per week (recommended)


Advance Group

Advance is different skill level, No longer a child, she is a gymnast at that point! Classes are 2 hours long including required ballet lessons, stretching, , dancing, apparatus work and more others....Advance group have routines combinations choreographed to music with apparatus. They perform on events, and we are getting ready to compete on championships with other gymnasts across the U.S.

There is no age range for advance group, students  should get approved by our head coach miss Valeria to attend this group. 

1x per week advance group 


2x per week advance group 


3x per week  advance group 


Class Needs

Our Team

Valeria Mikhailova, Owner/ Head Coach



Valeria is a Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Champion, Master of Sports, member of the Ural Federal team,  and Champion of Regional, National and International competitions.

After retiring as a champion gymnast, she coached at the Olympic School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Ekaterinburg City, worked with the Russian circus as a choreographer, and had her own gymnastics studio in Russia.

Chris Phillips, Director


 Chris has 10+ years experience in preschool gymnastics, but also is the owner of Amped Kids Fitness and GymTastics in Houston, TX. Before starting his own business he was the Vice President of a children's fitness company that worked with over 5,000 kids across the United States. Chris brings tremendous value in coaching, administration, and business operations.  

Contact and Location

HRG Houston Rhythmic Gymnastics

433 S. Barker Cypress Rd, Houston, Texas 77094

(281) 771-6767


Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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